Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ready set go... going, going, gone!

I think these pictures say it all... the babies are offically on the move! And so a whole new era begins... stay tuned for updates from the Lyons Den as we deal with babies on the go. Naturally, one of their favorite places to go is into Liam and Ciara's room... which, as you might imagine, isn't actually going over that well at all. To be continued...

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smilinshari said...

Hey Kerry!

I went to High School with Trish, Connor and Des, and she visited me in Florida with the kids in the spring. I love seeing the pictures of your kids! My 4 year old son's name is Declan also, which caught my mother's eye when she was reading the article in the NY Post about you all!

You are very blessed w/beautiful kids!!! You are also my hero!!! Say Hello to Des, Connor and Trish!! Regards, Shari Geffner Sullivan