Monday, December 21, 2009

Moms Get Kids

A few weeks ago, I took Liam for his 5 year old physical, which was notable for a number of reasons -- not the least of which is that I can no longer claim to have "five under five"! Having my first-born turn five is a major rite of passage. He is now, more than ever, officially a kid... which reminds me, it's about time I updated the name of this blog! My little man is most certainly a toddler no more! He is a real little guy. He goes to school. On a bus! He gets homework, he gets himself dressed and he has strong opinions -- about pretty much everything. Including, understandably, a trip to the doctor that involves getting several shots.

Shots are something that Liam, like most kids, not only dislikes, but morbidly fears. When he sees that needle coming, he turns into a possessed creature I hardly recognize. He screams, wiggles, cries, squirms, thrashes and makes an already unpleasant experience almost intolerable. When it's all over, it's as if a violent storm has passed. The calm is instantly restored by the doctor's promise that he can visit the "treasure chest"... which led me to wonder aloud, "Wow! You lucky guy! You get a trip to the treasure chest. But what about me?! What does the Mom get?!" To which Liam replied with a wisdom well beyond his five years, "Moms get kids!" As in, Duh Mom. Moms get kids!

The words really struck me -- perhaps even more so now that we're in the heart of the season to give and to get. Like many folks, our family is cutting back this year. We won't be giving -- and don't expect to be getting - as much as we have in the past. And this makes Liam's simple and astute observation a timely reminder to be grateful for all that we do have. Kids! We've got kids aplenty! And, at the the end of the day, there is nothing in any treasure chest that can beat that. Well, on most days anyway! ;)