Wednesday, April 28, 2010

T-Ball Season Begins

T-Ball Season. It has officially begun. It started on Friday night at 6:15 when I found myself in the middle of a field rather than on the couch enjoying our weekly "pizza and movie night."  I'm not sure if Des or Liam was more excited about our family's offical entry into organized sports but I can assure you, it wasn't me! I admit it's selfish, but I've been doing my best to avoid our town's sporting agenda for at least two years now. And, as a reminder, Liam is only five!  They really start 'em young around here -- as they do just about everywhere else, I'm told.  But, I have a hard time giving up our dinner time and our family time in the name of soccer, basketball or baseball.  I know it's bound to happen eventually, I just wish it didn't have to happen so soon.

To me, this foray into bat and ball represents something far more significant.  It is a sign that my little man, my first born, is growing up.  He's going to be part of a team and though his t-ball team just happens to be the Cubs, it's not the Lyons Den Cubs.  When Liam is on my team, there's a decent chance he won't get hit in the head with a ball or teased for swinging and missing.  Although, should either event occur, I'd be quick to get the 'boo boo baseball' or discipline the person responsible for the taunting.  Out on the big field though, all I can do watch.  In theory, anyway.  The reality is that on Friday night, I didn't get to watch much.  Since Des is one of the assistant coaches, I found myself running a few bases of my own as I chased Kevin, Declan and Cormac while occasionally pausing long enough to ensure that Ciara hadn't wandered off. I recall glancing up once to see Liam with a batting helmet on and another time I saw him rounding first out of the corner of my eye.  In all though, I didn't catch much of what was going on and that, I suppose, just confirmed one of my fears.  This is it Mom -- welcome to the outfield. 

I didn't play organized sports as a kid.  My mom wasn't a "soccer mom."  I took ballet until I got to college and then running became my physical outlet.  Admittedly, neither is a team sport.  So, I really don't have a good understanding (or appreciation for) most sports. I like the Superbowl because of the commercials and an annual excuse to eat a lot of junk food. I kind of get basketball because I went to Villanova, very much a basketball-focused school.  I've grown to at least understand baseball thanks to the fact that Des is a fanatical Yankee fan.  Soccer still totally escapes me.  As T-Ball season kicks off, so too begins a whole new phase in our lives... rallying our "Cubs" to root for Liam's Cubs and doing my best to understand and appreciate the many team sports that are bound to fill our days (and nights!) for years to come.