Friday, September 23, 2011

Food as reward for tots -- good idea or not?

I recently came across the following video from Momversation which shares several moms' views on using food as a reward -- which seems to be among the latest controversial topics.

I grew up in a house where you didn't get dessert if you didn't finish your dinner.  The same is true now that I have children of my own.   And, just like when I was a kid, finishing your dinner doesn't necessarily guarantee dessert; dessert is served at the discretion of Mom and Dad based on numerous factors including behavior at the table, whether or not the homework is complete and, to be honest, if we have any goodies in the house!

Though I kind of wish I didn't, I do occasionally use food as a reward.  Our recent trials with potty training come instantly to mind... our two year old triplets get one M&M for #1 and two M&Ms for #2.  For us, this is a sensible system that works and we're amazed at how long our little guys will sit on the pot just for an M&M or two!

A few years ago, we were faced with bedtime battles every night.  After too many feeble threats about consequences, we decided to try the reward route instead; the promise of a few Froot Loops sprinkled on top of a hearty bowl of Cheerios was all it took to turn our nighttime tyrants into sleeping angels.
We aim for all things in moderation and if a treat here and there makes our lives easier, well, I'm all for it... after all, why not make life easier (and a bit sweeter!) when you can? 

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