Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodnight Moon, so long my sweet babies

Tonight I read Goodnight Moon for the one millionth time.  Give or take a few.  It feels like a million times but, I still love it.  I love the rapt attention it holds -- over our two year old triplets today and our four and six year old before them.  One of my favorite things is reading one page and letting them fill in what follows... 

ME:  Goodnight comb, goodnight brush...

THEM:  Goodnight old lady whispering HUSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Try as we might, none of our kids ever really got the hang of the "hush." As we were reading tonight, I had three little guys sprawled across my legs, finishing the sentences and looking up at me in wide-eyed wonder.  I realized then that it won't be long before they move on.  Before our tattered copy of Goodnight Moon ends up on the back of the bookshelf with other "baby" books like Guess How Much I Love YouThe Very Hungry Caterpillar and other kiddie classics. 

I love the sweet innocence of these family favorites.  They will forever represent a time in our lives that is flying by far too fast.  

Tonight as I tucked my little fellas and "big kids" in, I thought about the many minor milestones we've passed -- the little things that may not be in a baby book but are etched forever in my heart.  Things like...
  •  The sweet, funny, mixed-up things they say, like "Is me going to work with you Mommy?" or "I love the sunset moon!"
  • Squeezing all five kids in the tub together -- this actually has been captured on film and typically elicits the response, "You need a bigger tub!"
  • The way they all used to sleep with their rumps up in the air; now they lie sprawled out like drunken frat boys.
  • Pot bellies.  Those big, round, post-meal bellies that provide a visual display confirming their tummies are full.  (If only this stayed cute as we grew older... like 40 years older!)
  • Fascination with dump trucks, garbage trucks, firetrucks, any sort of construction equipment and "worker guys." 
I was once in a car with my boss and commented on a cool front-end loader; I couldn't resist, I am now just wired to notice the things my kids adore. While that incident was admittedly a bit embarrassing, it's amazing how these little people change the way we view the world.  I am so grateful for the ability to see things through their eyes.  And, I am equally grateful that all those little eyes are now closed... lulled to sleep by the melodic ending of Goodnight Moon -- in their words "Goodnight stars, goodnight air, good night noises all over the place."  Sweet dreams indeed.

A moment in time... our 5 "cubs" no longer fit in this tub!

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    lovefam6 said...

    I love the comment about the rumps in the air, but now it's like frat boys, lol. The way children change the way we view life, it is quite astounding and you've captured it beautifully.