Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amazing Things

In the past week, I've twice encountered the notion of "amazing things can happen" and it's really resonated with me.  First, it was Conan's last show -- which, for the record, I didn't watch live despite my best efforts to stay awake, but did TIVO and boy, am I ever glad I did.  Rather than dazzle us with his comedic talent and ascerbic wit, Conan decided to deliver an inspirational and seeminlgy genuine message. It was time he could have used at NBC's expense, delivering one last shot before he rode off into the Hollywood sunset.  But instead, Conan used his moment to inspire today's youth by imploring them (dare I say us?) that if you are "kind and work hard, amazing things will happen."  I was impressed that he took the high road and thought to myself that these are truly good words to live by.

My second encounter with a phrase involving "amazing things" occurred today as I went to NY Presbyterian for my annual exam.  There was a big banner above the door with the hospital's logo "Amazing things are happening here."  I remembered when the triplets were born and they had just unveiled this new corporate slogan. I thought to myself "Wow, three amazing things really did just happen here!"  Walking in the door today was a very different sensation though... without a big belly in front of me or a bunch of kids and babies next to me, well, I was just like everyone else.  Gone was the sense that I was a part of the amazing things happening there.  It was replaced with a sad feeling that my amazing thing had already happened -- against all odds, and with many thanks to the great doctors at NY Pres, I gave birth to three healthy babies.  So, now what? 

I don't know if it's age or hormones or what but I find myself really contemplating if my amazing thing has already happened or, if I'm kind and work hard, are there yet more amazing things ahead of me?  Ever the optimist, I suppose I'm in the camp of the latter.  Most certainly, amazing things have happened in my life -- and the babies are really just one example.  When I think about it, my life in general is fairly amazing -- I've got healthy kids, a great husband, a job I like, incredible friends, a supportive family and hobbies that I'm passionate about.  With this in mind, I'm now convinced that amazing things in my life aren't simply in the past tense -- there surely must be more to come... especially when I remember that amazing things need not be life-changing events but can be even the smallest of accomplishments in any given day... a baby taking his first steps, a 3 year old taking her first gymnastics class, a 5 year old learning to read -- these are the amazing things in my life and I'm now confident that if I'm kind and work hard, there will be many more. 


Aunt Kristin said...

I didn't stay up or Tivo it so I'm glad you posted about it! More importantly, Ciara is doing gymnastics? AND ballet? please send pics!

See you tomorrow for Cuddle's 5 mo bday party? hehe. xoxo

Anonymous said...

No pains, no gains..........................