Saturday, January 23, 2010

Game Day

Somewhat against my will, we (ALL) headed to the Fordham basketball game this afternoon.  I had a bunch of reasons I believed to be good ones NOT to go -- it was nap time for the babies, there was laundry to be done, sheets to be changed and a handful of other household chores that I might have accomplished on this chilly Saturday afternoon.  But, Des was keen to go... "It's Collegiate Day!" he proclaiemed as he extolled the virtues of seeing Division I basketball up close and personal and just a half hour away from home.

So, my sense of adventure overruled my sense of responsibility and we hit the road.  We arrived just after half-time to a cheering crowd and blasting band that confirmed it would be a nap-free afternoon.  While I grumbled about over-tired tots who were overheating in their coats, something rather remarkable happened... Liam was transfixed by the players, Ciara was awed by the cheerleaders, Declan started waving his fist in time with the music, Kevin seemed to be humming and Cormac was just as jolly as can be.  And Des, well, he was charming a security guard and before I knew it, we had front row seats!

Just as I was thinking things couldn't be better (unless, of course, Fordham won the game -- which sadly, they didn't), one of the security guards informed us that the Yankee's World Series trophy was in the building. You must understand, ours is a family that takes great pride in "pinstripes."  As Des put when Liam was born, "there are two things that are non-negotiable -- he will be Catholic and he will be a Yankee fan."  So, when the game ended, we had the good fortune to have a photo-op with the very trophy that Jeter and the rest of the Bronx Bombers had worked so hard for.  And, it was a good reminder to pause in the pleasure of "Game Day." The naps, as it turned out, weren't needed and the laundry and sheets can wait until tomorrow.  And, I've learned once again, that there is most certainly no harm -- and most likely a lot of fun to be had -- in indulging your sense of adventure!

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Aunt Kristin said...

the REAL World Series Trophy?!? No way! Too cool!