Sunday, January 31, 2010

While they were sleeping...

Much to my own disbelief, as I type this, there are five kids, one husband and one large dog peacefully snoozing -- and snoring -- away.  Truth be told, there's a part of me that's just a bit bitter that all around me are the sounds of peaceful slumber since I too would welcome a well-deserved nap.  That said, there's another part of me that's overjoyed to have a rare quiet moment and the opportunity to get things done without tripping over babies or promising for the hundredth time, "just a minute Liam and Ciara!!!"

As silence envelops the Lyons Den, I've crossed a fair amount off our (ok, really it's MY) ambitious weekend to-do list.  Balance checkbook and pay bills.  Check!  Update calendar for February.  Check!  File bills and organize 2009 tax folder.  Check!  Buy gifts for next weekend's birthday parties and baby shower.  Check!  Start laundry.  Check! Locate Netflix movies for return mail tomorrow.  Check!  This one, by the way, gives me great pleasure in checking off the list because, as my Netflix queue just confirmed, we've had The Incredibles since July 17th!  And, the worst part, of course, is that we didn't even watch it since Liam deemed it too scary after the first five minutes.  Incredible, indeed!

I suppose what I should do next is start dinner... although, I'm quite tempted to just settle in and settle down for a few moments myself.  As always, it was a whirlwind weekend, kicked off by the "Cubs" 15-month visit to the pediatrician on Friday.  The doctor's visit reminded me once again of how quickly the time flies by.  It reminded me of how much I will miss about these baby years... and, how much I won't!  In a nutshell, I will NOT miss cutting grapes into six pieces and blueberries into fours.  I will NOT miss spit up, baby cereal or my constant state of snot-covered shoulders. I will NOT miss the sobs of teething or the "age of peril" as the babies attempt to swim in toilet boils, ignite themselves on the stove and swing from the bookshelves.  But, I will miss the irresistable appeal of a little tot saying "Uppie".  I will miss those awkward open-mouthed wet kisses.  And I will definitely miss the thump-thumps of speed-crawlers and the pitter-patters of little feet.  And, although I have missed a lot of sleep, well, I know it's all just part of this fleeting phase and I wonder if next Sunday, I just might join in as my pretty ones sleep. 

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Aunt Kristin said...

these pictures are just too adorable kerry! they even sleep identically! please send one to me asap!