Friday, January 8, 2010


Like many of us, I start each new year with new resolutions. Many of my past resolutions have been vague and rather common: exercise more, eat breakfast, save more, spend less.

Not surprisingly, these resolutions have rarely been achieved. And this year, I think I finally figured out why. They have indeed been far too vague! It's difficult to measure success against a goal like "exercise more". What does this mean exactly? If, say, in 2008 I went to the gym twice and in 2009 I went three times, well, is that success? It is indeed more but really, it doesn't seem to legitimately accomplish the goal I set out.

So, this year I decided to set more concrete goals. This way, I figure, I can accurately assess my achievement -- or lack thereof! Even as I type this, i wonder, why oh why have I done this to myself? Like I really need to place more demands on my already demanding life?! But, having had a good first week of keeping true to my resolutions, I thought I'd share the method of my madness with you.

My goals for 2010 are good goals. They are focused on things I enjoy, things that make me feel good, things that will better my life and my family. A few examples:

  • Exercise twice a week. So far, so good... thanks to a hardcore gal pal who met me two mornings this week at 6AM, even in slick, snowy darkness! The exercise thing is really a bit selfish because truth be told, I love it. I love the feeling it gives me. The endorphin rush and the sense that I've accomplished something just for me before the tots even awake... which, is the only opportunity I have in any given day to do something just for me!

  • Save a set amount monthly. Well, it's too early in the month to see how I'll fare on this one but I think the intention is good -- it ought to be much easier to save a set amount that we've agreed to rather than hold ourselves to some loosey-goosey goal of "save more." I'll let you know how I'm measuring up on this one as time goes by...

  • Do yoga twice a month. Ok, again, too early to tell. However, I did take my first yoga class of the year today. It's the first time I've done yoga since I wrote about the great experience I had this past summer. Once again, the class didn't disappoint. You should know that I am NOT good at yoga and I struggle to see the benefits of lying on the floor tuning in to my own breath. Especially since I'm typically congested and end up snorting but, I suppose that's a personal problem! In any case, yoga is something that I see the value of and strive to appreciate more. It's also something that I always approach with trepidation but always appreciate afterwards. Today, I enjoyed a great class with a stunning view of the ice flows bobbing down the Hudson. I did my best and didn't beat myself up for not necessarily posing with perfection. I took away a key message: Challenge yourself to be still.

Challenge yourself to be still. This makes sense to me. And, it is a HUGE challenge for me. "Still" is not part of my vernacular. It doesn't come naturally to me. But, as with the practice of yoga itself, the ability to just be still makes good sense. So, after achieving most of my resolutions here in this first full week of 2010, I now have one more to add to the list.

Be still. I'm going to try. And, I wish that my five tots five and under would try too... that would make it a whole heck of a lot easier!

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Lani said...

Hi there! I am a mom to some Lyons triplets as well, just stumbled upon your blog and realized I have heard of you! When you had your babies, my family in NY forwarded me the news story, they thought it was funny to hear about another set of Lyons triplets:) We have a Kevin in the family too! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. I also wanted to send you this link:, it's one of my blogs and a network for multiples families. Have a great night!