Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions Revisited

Ok, it's January 2nd.  Time to stop basking in the warm memories of the holiday season and start thinking about the year ahead.  2011.  Can it really be 2011?  Wasn't it just yesterday that it was Y2K?  Remember that?!  Wow.  Tme really flies.

With the dawn of a new year upon us, it seems fitting to look back at my resolutions from last year before making any new ones... in short, my goals for 2010 were to exercise more (check!), save a set amount monthly (check!) and do yoga twice a month (still working on that one).  For my complete musings on last year's goals, you can check out:

The Lyons Den: The Adventures and Absurdity of Life with Five Little "Cubs": Resolutions

As for this year, I think what I'd like to do most is simply be present.  Be there.  Be aware.  Be tuned in to those around me and tuned out to the things that just don't matter.  I want to turn off the blackberry and spend more time really being there for my family.  Really listening to and really hearing what they have to say. Which is why I must now cut this post short... there are three little Cubs in their cribs saying "I want to get out of here.  I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!"  Having occasionally felt that way myself, I know exactly what they mean!  So, so long for now and may your new year be filled with ample opportunities to tune in to those around you!

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