Tuesday, October 14, 2008

27 Weeks: The Littlest Lyons Cubs Update

Hi there,
Sorry if I've been a bit MIA for the past few weeks -- as some of you already know, the littlest Lyons cubs gave us the scare of a lifetime last Friday and I was admitted to NY Presbyterian for pre-term labor. After a terrifying 48 hours at the hospital, they were able to stop the contractions and, as it turns out, what I was likely suffering from wasn't pre-term labor but, in all likelihood was what they call an "irritable uterus"! Now, if you could see the size of me, you would surely understand why my uterus would be irritable! To call it super-sized would really be a modest description of my overall heft! In any case, we are just beyond grateful and thanking God every day that these little people were not born at 26 weeks. The hope is that they will stay in my irritable uterus for another 4-6 weeks... wish us all luck!
I am now officially working from home and staying off my feet as much as possible. I'm not on bedrest but have been advised to limit my physical activites and use my "common sense"... although, that's what scares me most... as most of you know, common sense as it relates to my own personal care is not one of my strong points and, I fear the lack of it may be what landed me in the hospital in the first place!! The good news is that Des has enough common sense for both of us and, frankly, seems to be enjoying telling me what I can and can't do. ;)
As for the little guys, they are each weighing in at about 2 pounds and are doing as well as can be. As for Liam and Ciara, Liam is eager to know when the babies will be arriving... Ciara is just curious to know why I have a "watermelon belly." Des is gracefully jugggling well, pretty much everything... work, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, taking care of the kids, Finnegan and me and unfortunately, getting very little sleep due to my tossing and turning and the fact that although I'm sweating, he's freezing in our bedroom with both the AC and the fan on full blast!
So, that's the update from the Lyons den for now. We've made it to 27 weeks and are keeping our fingers crossed that we make it through several more. Hope this finds you all well and look forward to catching up soon.
Kerry :)

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