Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Triple Threat?!?!

Thought you might find the latest mini-update from "the Den" a bit amusing. Apparently all the media attention has gone to their heads! :) Just 3.5 days more to go till I go to New York where I will teach Kerry how to update this site herself (and use a digital photo frame - trust me, it is nowhere near as simple as it looks!).................

Ok, just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier around here, guess who we had come to visit tonight?!

10 firefighters
One police chief with official car
One fire chief with official car
One ladder truck
One pumper truck and,
One basic fire truck!
Yep. I think our neighbor Daniella summed it up best when she noted that we're now desperate for media attention and offered to call The Post with the headline "Triple Threat"!!!
Long story short, there was a nasty electrical burning smell coming from The Trips room -- and no, it wasn't just a nasty diaper smell; it was really a bad electrical stink. So, after the friendly local fire guys checked the outlets, the walls, the ceiling and the entire house including the attic crawl space and basement, it turns out the culprit was a lamp with faulty wiring -- conveniently located right next to the Lyons Cubs' changing table. So, all is well that ends well and, it is now a lot darker in the tiny room shared by Kevin, Declan and Cormac... perhaps this will lead to sleeping through the night... we can only hope!!
Good night! :)

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