Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food for the Lyons Den

Hi all,

Kerry's two high school friends - Kim and Karin - are organizing meals for Kerry and the Lyons Den as they acclimate to the three new additions to their household.

If interested in donating to the "meal fund", please send a check to:Karin Boucher 293 South Pleasant Ave Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Karin will keep up with who has made donations so that Kerry will know of your gift...Karin has also agreed to deliver the food to Kerry. We got her started with 6 meals the other day and hope to keep this going for a while...


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Karen Gstalder-Dring said...

HI Karin- I am a neighbor of Kerry and Des. We had organized a dinner drive for them at our nursery school. Dinners were slotted to start tomorrow night. I don't want them to be overwhelmed with food. I tried looking your # up...I am at 917-279-7469, maybe we can somehow combine our efforts!
Thanks for pulling all this together. Great site!
Karen Gstalder Dring