Tuesday, October 14, 2008

34 Weeks: STILL waiting to meet the Littlest Lyons Cubs!

Hello again,
Well, by now I thought for sure I'd be sharing some more significant news and attaching pictures of our new little Lyons cubs but alas, the little guys are holding out! The best I can do for now is share the latest news and photos. First, the photos...
The first one is of me, taken yesterday, at 34 weeks. Don't be alarmed and please know that if you find yourself wondering aloud "How is she even standing up?" that you aren't alone. That was the prevailing sentiment as I waddled my way through NY Presbyterian for several doctor's appointments yesterday!
The other two pictures are of Liam and Ciara's first days of "school"... very cute, if I do say so myself! They both seem to be happily adjusted to their new routines even though Liam announced one day last week that "I don't need to go to school anymore Dad. I can already count to ten AND I know my ABCs!" Huh, we'll take that under consideration Liam...
Now, as for the latest update on the "trips"... they are HUGE!!!!!!! Babies B and C weigh roughly 4 lbs, 12 oz each and Baby A, the front runner, is breaking all sorts of records and weighing in at roughly 5 lbs., 12 oz. Now, it may be worth noting that when I was born, I only weighed 5 lbs, 7 oz so, in my mind, these guys are really ready to greet the outside world!! I tell you, what a difference a few weeks makes...
Only 6 weeks ago, each visit to the doctor was filled with a bit of fear and a lot of anticipation and prayers for these little guys to be strong and healthy. Now, while of course I still hope and pray for them to be strong and healthy, I'm also secretly hoping for a spike in my own blood pressure or some other minor ailment that will prompt my doctor to promptly deliver these babies and put me out of my overly preggo misery!
But, try as I might, after yesterday's visit, my blood pressure was lower than that of the nurse who took it and, after an hour of monitoring, there was "nary a contraction." So, despite my remarkable size and extreme discomfort, we were all sent home. My doctor scheduled a c-section for October 11th and assured me that I can hold out and will survive for another 2 weeks... when I pointed out that Oct. 11th is actually 16 days, not 2 weeks, she blatantly laughed at me and told me to tough it out. Easy for her to say!
Long story short, if I don't go into labor in the next 2 weeks (actually, 15 days but, who's counting?!), Oct. 11th will be the big day for us. We'll keep you all posted and we continue to be grateful for all of your moral support, good wishes and prayers... they are clearly working and though I gripe about still being preggo, I know that we are truly blessed and the longer the littlest Lyons cubs spend on the inside, the less time they will spend in the NICU and that is truly best for all of us.
Hope this finds you all well and hope you have a great weekend...
Kerry :)

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