Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Late Little Lyons Cubs to appear on Early Show?!

Hi there,
Well, isn't this ironic... our littlest Lyons cubs have remained holed up on the inside for just about a month longer than anticipated and, as a reward for their lateness, it seems that they're going to make their real world debut on The Early Show on CBS!!
Now, I dont' want to count our eggs before they're hatched (in more ways than one!) but, assuming that the little guys aren't born before the planned c-section this Saturday, the 11th, the Lyons Family Circus will be making an appearance on The Early Show this Friday, the 10th (for the "before" segment of the story) and either next Monday or Tuesday, the 13th/14th for the "after" segment -- to introduce the Lyons triplets to their adoring public... or something like that!
It seems that in these times of economic mayhem and political debate, our little cubs will make for a nice human interest story... especially given the odds of 1 in 200 million of actually conceiving identical triplets.
I'm sure you've all been wondering if/when the little ones arrived and, of course, they are not here yet! I'm fairly certain that I'll go into labor on Thursday night and hence miss our first (and likely only!) TV appearance but, quite frankly, given the way I feel (not to mention LOOK!) right now, I'd rather just have these babies than have the 15 minutes in the spotlight! That said, assuming we do get our little moment of fame, I thought some of you might be interested in tuning in to witness it. The Early Show is on CBS from 7-9AM but I'm not sure of the exact timing of our appearance... As they say, stay tuned... :)

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